Bachelor Degree of Dentistry


Program Description

To improve the oral health of society through our exceptional graduates.

Our Mission

To educate students in the dentistry program to improve oral health and to reduce the burden of illness in society through the discovery and application of academic knowledge that embraces craniofacial health and disease prevention.


  1. To provide students with advanced dental education using the latest technologies in addition to traditional means.
  2. To attract highly-qualified, competent and committed faculty members in various fields of dentistry to provide students with the best education and training.
  3. To contribute to improving the community's well-being and quality of health through active participation in community service activities.

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Program Description

BMC's Dentistry Program was established in 2007 and is fully committed to providing students with the best educational services both theoretical and clinical. The program is seven years in total, divided as follows:

  • Preparatory Year
  • Three years of pre-clinical courses
  • Two years of in-depth clinical courses
  • One-year internship

Career Path / Advice

Market Trends:

The Dentistry Program was founded due to the accelerated growth rate of the population which generates more demand for dental healthcare services which should be met with an increased supply of healthcare professionals.

Educational Trends:

Our students should be able to join any post-graduate local/international program & perform at the highest levels compared to graduates of other dental schools /colleges.


First and Second Year

  • DN 201 Dental Anatomy & Occlusion I
  • DN 202 Dental Anatomy & Occlusion II
  • ANTDN 201 Anatomy, Histology, & Embryology I
  • ANTDN 202 Anatomy, Histology, & Embryology II
  • PHYSDN 201 Physiology I
  • PHYSDN 202 Physiology II
  • BCHDN 201 Biochemistry I
  • BCHDN 202 Biochemistry II
  • DN 205 Dental Biomaterial I
  • DN 206 Dental Biomaterial II
  • MTDN 201 Medical Terminology
  • DN 207 Introduction to Clinical Dentistry

Third Year

  • PATDN 301 General Pathology I
  • PATDN 302 General Pathology II
  • MICDN 301 Microbiology & Immunology I
  • MICDN 302 Microbiology & Immunology II
  • PHADN 301 Pharmacology I
  • PHADN 302 Pharmacology II
  • DN 301 Operative Dentistry I
  • DN 303 Operative Dentistry II
  • RADDN 301 Diagnostic Oral Radiology I
  • RADDN 302 Diagnostic Oral Radiology II
  • HISTDN 301 Oral Histology & Embryology I
  • HISTDN 302 Oral Histology & Embryology II
  • DN 302 Dental Biomaterial III
  • DN 304 Medical Ethics
  • BSTATDN 301 Biostatistics & Methods of Research

Fourth Year

  • MDDM 401 General Medicine I
  • MDDM 402 General Medicine II
  • SGYDN 401 General Surgery I
  • SGYDN 402 General Surgery II
  • OPATDN 401 Oral Pathology I
  • OPATDN 402 Oral Pathology II
  • DN 401 Operative Dentistry III
  • DN 402 Operative Dentistry IV
  • DN 403 Removable Prosthodontics I
  • DN 404 Removable Prosthodontics II
  • DN 405 Pain Control & Local Anesthesia
  • DN 406 Oral Biology
  • DN 407 Endodontics I
  • DN 408 Endodontics II
  • DN 409 Fixed Prosthodontics I
  • DN 410 Fixed Prosthodontics II
  • DN 411 Periodontology I
  • DN 412 Periodontology II

Fifth Year

  • DN 501 Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • DN 502 Oral Surgery II
  • DN 505 Operative Dentistry V
  • DN 507 Operative Dentistry VI
  • DN 507 Endodontics III
  • DN 508 Endodontics IV
  • DN 509 Removable Prosthodontics III
  • DN 510 Removable Prosthodontics IV
  • DN 511 Fixed Prosthodontics III
  • DN 512 Fixed Prosthodontics IV
  • DN 513 Periodontology III
  • DN 514 Periodontology IV
  • DN 515 Pediatric Dentistry I
  • DN 516 Pediatric Dentistry II
  • DN 517 Orthodontics I
  • DN 518 Orthodontics II
  • DN 519 Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Plan I
  • DN 520 Oral Medicine, Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Plan II

Sixth Year

  • DN 601 Oral Surgery III
  • DN 602 Oral Surgery IV
  • DN 605 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Comprehensive Care Clinics I
  • DN 606 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Comprehensive Care Clinics II
  • DN 607 Community Dental Practice I
  • DN 608 Community Dental Practice II
  • DN 609 Comprehensive Care Clinics (Adult & Geriatric) I
  • DN 610 Comprehensive Care Clinics (Adult & Geriatric) II

Seventh Year: Internship Rotation

  • INTDN 701 Comprehensive Care Clinics (Adult & Geriatric)
  • INTDN 702 Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics Comprehensive Care Clinics
  • INTDN 703 Oral Surgery
  • INTDN 704 Emergency/Screening
  • INTDN 705 Community Dental Practice
  • INTDN 706 Extern Internship

Rules of Registration and Admission

General rules:

  • Registration & Admission will be granted on a “First Qualified, first-served” basis.
  • It is mandatory for all applicants to register online.
  • Online registration is not the confirmation of admission. Acceptance of admission will be confirmed after passing the personal interview. Applicants failing the interview cannot get admission to BMC.
  • BMC will not accept any document without online registration. Applicants have to attach all required documents (High school certificate, Diploma certificate, Transcript, copy of Saudi ID /Iqama, copy of passport, pictures, etc) on the online portal.
  • BMC will not accept medically unfit applicants.
  • Four types of applicants can apply in BMC:
    • Saudi high school applicant(s) (Saudi curriculum)
    • International high school applicant(s) (International curriculum)
    • Bridging applicant(s)(Diploma applicants)
    • University/College transfer applicant(s) (Undergraduate applicants)

Interview rules:

  • All applicant(s) will have to go through a personal interview at the BMC campus.
  • BMC will invite the eligible applicant(s) for a personal interview at any time during the registration period.
  • BMC will send an email for the interview. If the applicant(s) don't receive any emails within two weeks after online registration then the applicant(s) must visit the college.
  • The registration fee must be paid before the interview. For refunding registration fees, refer to the “Fee Refund” procedure.
  • Applicant(s) having an international curriculum will go through the BET (Batterjee Entrance Test) before the interview.
  • Applicant(s) must bring the registration fee receipt and the “online registration code” at the time of the interview.
  • Interview result can be notified to the applicant(s) through SMS and/or email on registered contact information.
  • Applicant(s) should bring their original High school certificate and original Saudi ID/Iqama to show their identity at the time of the interview.
  • Applicant(s) have to inform BMC in case of their absence from the interview, otherwise, the interview will be canceled.

Admission rules:

Upon getting an email of “Acceptance of admission”, the applicant(s) must follow the below rules otherwise the seat will be canceled:

  • Visit BMC for proper enrollment in the system within the given time period.
  • Pay the first-semester tuition fee.
  • Submit original high school certificate/Transcript/ Diploma certificate.
  • Submit BMC medical report (Registration fee is not refundable for medically unfit students).
  • Submit a copy of Saudi ID/Iqama and passport.
  • Submit six passport size pictures.
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