Top Bachelor Degrees in Ireland 2019/2020

A bachelor is an academic degree program that helps prepare students for a future career or to continue their education. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in about three to five years depending on student achievement as well as the requirements of each specific degree program.

Bachelors in Ireland

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St. Angela's College Sligo, a College of the National University of Ireland, Galway

This degree programme is aimed at preparing internationally recognised diploma nurses to work globally. The programme ensures that students attain the professional compet ... [+]

This is an innovative top-up Bachelor of Nursing (BN) (International) programme aimed at preparing nurses to work globally; delivered in a unique environment in the North West of Ireland, St. Angela's College, a College of the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway).

The degree programme is designed to ensure that students attain the professional competence and academic credit to work in a variety of clinical settings around the world. All students are allocated an academic advisor to support their educational development in addition to, a designated International Student Tutor (IST) to facilitate language, cultural, social and personal support.

Module/Subject Titles: (Total: 90 ECTS) Patient Safety in the Healthcare Setting (15 ECTS) International Nursing Practice (15 ECTS) Evidence Based Practice 1 (10 ECTS) Evidence Based Practice 2 (15 ECTS) Empowerment & the Nurse-Client Relationship (10 ECTS) Leadership & Management for Effective Healthcare Delivery (10 ECTS) Contemporary Nursing Issues (15 ECTS) What are the advantages of completing the BN (International) at St. Angela's College? ... [-]
Ireland Sligo
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