Bachelors in Voronezh in Russia 2020

A bachelor is a four-year degree that allows students to choose their concentration and field of study. Many schools offer part-time schooling options so that students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree can do so even while working or caring for family.

Located at both banks of the Voronezh River, Voronezh city has its roots that date back to 1584t and is home to the Voronezh Oblast. It is also home to Voronezh State University. Voronezh is a major industrial center in Russia – part of the Black Earth region of exporters.

Bachelors in Voronezh in Russia

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Bachelor in Pharmacy

Voronezh State University
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Russia Voronezh

Pharmacist training high quality at Voronezh State University is ensured by advanced training technologies, scientific and innovative work effective organization and by on-the-job training realization for future pharmacists. Faculty graduates are guaranteed competitive advantages that are necessary for successful competition in the labour market and for further professional development.