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The Medicine Undergraduate course is held through the agreement with UM - University of Morón, and for the Brazilians with high school or complete higher education who wish to obtain title Doctor.

Due to the great demand for Brazilian students who dream of training in medicine, but are financial difficulties and accessibility to existing institutions in our country, the institutions have agreements developed this unique program.

The project offered by ISPED was developed in 2009 in conjunction with the UM - University of Morón, and the first class began in 2010, forming the end of 2015.

Currently there are about 5,000 Brazilian students studying medicine in Argentina, distributed in various universities, which are considered the world's best and references on various subjects related to career.

Given this situation, the institutions involved in the project decided to create differentials for Brazilian undergraduate students through courses aimed at better preparation for the existing revalidation examination in Brazil which are included in the history of the University, and especially in the training of competent doctors to the profession with quality in our country.

The program content is similar to Brazilian universities, which facilitates the title recognition obtained in Argentina, and realize the dream of practical and economically viable way for hundreds of people.


  • Continuous monitoring during the six-year course duration of exclusively own secretariat to serve the Brazilian students.
  • Approved the selection process need not take your ticket Course (also known as CBC in Argentine Universities).
  • Approximately 1700 hours / classes of Brazilian subjects inserted in the history of the University, according to the last revalidation examinations of Brazil (EXCLUSIVE).
  • Tuition with values ​​up to 3 times lower when compared to any other private university in Brazil.
  • Intensive Spanish course lasting a semester to learn the local language.
  • Regularization of the necessary documentation from the relevant bodies to study in Argentina.
  • Preparing students through theoretical and practical events for updating relevant topics to Brazilian medicine during each year of the course.
  • Preparatory course for the examination of revalidate and other evidence of revalidation, available in the last year.
  • informative assistance throughout the course with regard to housing, health, transportation, food, among others.
  • continuous contact with family members in Brazil to obtain necessary information about the student in Argentina.
  • virtual environment available for students, parents and / or guardians see ratings, performance, and all the academic life of the student.
  • Practical classes in major hospitals and clinics in Argentina from the first year of the course.
  • International experience carried out with getting the medical instrument issued by the University as one of the world's best, winning awards across Europe and Latin America, with the direction of the man who revolutionized medical career through the invention of the artificial heart.
  • Support and supervision of ISPED, already known in the field of international education by providing quality services to professionals attending Master's and Doctorate in the countries of South America.
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