Top Medical Studies in Taiwan 2019/2020

An M.D., or Doctor of Medicine, is an academic achievement that can take years of schooling to obtain. It is only awarded once students have shown they have the knowledge and experience required to practice medicine competently.

Taiwan (Traditional Chinese: 台灣 or 臺灣, Simplified Chinese: 台湾 tái wān) is a nation which is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. The most prestigious university is National Taiwan University.

Medical Studies in Taiwan

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National Yang-Ming University

Our new curriculum intends to evolve as areas of medical knowledge advance. It is built to be both foundational and integrative, aims to offer knowledge beyond just memo ... [+]

Doctor of Medicine

Into this new era of medicine, the Faculty of Medicine is looking forward to new challenges and constructive breakthroughs while striving for a higher level of excellence and leadership in education, research, and service. The Faculty is determined to bring a modern approach to academic medicine as well as constantly evolving to meet the most demanding and up-to-date needs of our faculty and students. First, we have invested in the architecture and infrastructure that form the physical expression of our ambitions in the education of sciences, medicine, humanities, and international outreach. Our medical education building, medical humanities library, a center for faculty development, studios, laboratories, and buildings form the permanent foundations of our collective future. Second, the Faculty is one of the first medical schools in the region to undertake fundamental reforms in the medical curriculum. We offer academic opportunities to our students that are virtually unsurpassed in Taiwan. The curriculum encourages both active individual learning and group collaboration. Courses are available on topics that span the globe, cover the latest scientific discoveries, and delve deeply into the past. Our students are mentored by our faculty to pursue knowledge both in breadth as well as depth of learning. Third, we have invested heavily in the faculty by supporting and facilitating the members of our faculty in their academic development and personal growth. The Faculty of Medicine recognized that the introduction of a new curriculum would require the redeployment of many resources, as well as the development... [-]

Taiwan Tainan Taipei
September 2020
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