Master in Chiropractic


Program Description


The Master in Chiropractic at the Madrid College of Chiropractic - RCUEMC aims to train graduates in Chiropractic so that they can deepen their knowledge of Chiropractic and its branches of more representative specialties and practice the profession in countries that require this level of training. The master's degree consists of 60 credits that correspond to face-to-face theoretical subjects, practices in external centers and Final Work.


The main objective of the Master in Chiropractic is to prepare students as professionals so that they can practice Chiropractic in a totally competent manner.

  • Credits: Equivalent to 60 ECTS
  • Teaching language: 70% Spanish and 30% English
  • Places: 5
  • Approximate price: 5,864 euros
  • Management Center: Madrid College of Chiropractic

Access profile

This method of access is exclusively for students who have completed the official chiropractic degree in a center accredited by the local government, according to established inter-institutional agreements.

General requirements

To access the Master in Chiropractic, you must have one of the following titles:

  • Bacharel em Quiropraxia (Brazil)
  • Degree in Chiropractic (Mexico)
  • Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

Profile of the Competencies

  • Show interest in continued learning and be able to continue studying autonomously.
  • Use information and communication technologies in professional performance.
  • Apply the scientific method in the collection and evaluation of information, know how to analyze it critically and use the sources of clinical information.
  • Develop the work from the perspective of quality and continuous improvement and be able to critically analyze both their own work and that of other professionals.
  • Know how to communicate and communicate with other professionals and with non-specialized publics.
  • Show commitment to the defense of health and acquire and put into practice a conception of integral health in which human diversity is recognized and respected.
  • Apply the bases of bioethics in professional practice and in civic and social life, and respect the human and democratic rights of people.
  • Know the framework of the chiropractor's performance and current regulations, and know and respect the obligations regarding the confidentiality of information.
  • To know in depth the models and techniques of evaluation and intervention in the field of chiropractic applied to the different phases of human development and to specific populations.
  • Know how to work in a team and in multidisciplinary groups.


  • Application for pre-registration
  • Copy of the title or equivalent translated and legalized through the diplomatic channel

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are listed below in order of priority and their corresponding weighting (the maximum score that can be obtained with the sum of all the criteria is 100).

  1. Professional, teaching and research experience. - weighting 50
  2. Average grade of the academic record of the access degree. - weighting 25
  3. Formations and Specializations. - weighting 15
  4. Knowledge of Castilian duly accredited (level B1 or its corresponding, as a minimum) is required. - weighting 5
  5. Knowledge of English duly accredited (level A2 or its corresponding is required, as a minimum). - weighting 5


The Directorate of Chiropractic Studies will evaluate during the month of July the suitability of each applicant making sure that they meet the access requirements and taking into account the selection criteria indicated, with their corresponding weighting. The notification of applicants provisionally admitted will be done electronically during the last days of July.


Registration is expected to take place in the first week of September.

Last updated Mar 2020

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