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Best Master Degrees in Pediatrics in South America 2019

In the field of medicine, pediatrics is the specialty concerned with the care and treatment of children from infancy to adulthood. A student interested in pediatrics should have a strong background in sciences and expect to take classes in anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology, and psychology.

Master Degree in Pediatrics in South America

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South America
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Grupo Tiradentes

One of the most complete courses in Physiotherapy Neurofunctional Area region. ... [+]

Differentials Course One of the most complete courses in Physiotherapy Neurofunctional area of ​​the region; Focus on the care of pediatric and adult public; practical experience; Teachers with clinical experience and the labor market; nationally renowned teachers in the area of ​​Neurofunctional Physiotherapy. Goals

To train professional experts in Neurofunctional Physiotherapy to act with adult and pediatric patients, so you can act with insight, quality and autonomously efficiency and interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary team, promotion, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation of health, contributing to the maintenance and improving the quality of life of the individual and the community, with principles and ethical and bioethical values.... [-]

Brazil Aracaju
March 2020
Portuguese (Brazil)
418 hours
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