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Associate Degree Programs in Health Care Nursing Studies Critical Care Nursing

An associate degree is an academic degree awarded to students of a college or university who have completed two years of coursework in a particular field of study. This type of degree gives a student basic knowledge of the field and allows them to pursue further study and a more advanced degree.

What is an associate degree in critical care? It is a program designed to teach the student how to care for patients with critical needs, such as those in an emergency room or intensive care unit. Coursework may include health assessment, advanced care of critically ill patients, pharmacology and human responses. Students also learn how to respond in an emergency and other traumatic situations. Some courses are specially designed for pediatric care training.

By earning an associate degree in critical care, a student may discover a greater number of career options or may choose to pursue a higher degree. In addition, the valuable skills learned in this program can help an individual focus in many types of stressful situations, be able to function well in a team setting and communicate more effectively with others.

An associate degree in critical care can be earned at many accredited colleges and universities around the world. Costs vary, but by choosing a school close to home a student may be able to save money. Potential students are advised to research individual programs thoroughly before making a commitment.

Critical care nurses may have many career options available to them. Potential job settings may include hospital emergency rooms, intensive care units for adults, pediatrics or neonatal patients. In addition, they may find employment at outpatient clinics, nursing homes and other residential care facilities. Some positions may be at an entry level, with a possibility of moving up if a more advanced degree is earned.

Many colleges offer students the option of studying part time or full time. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.