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    BA Programs in Health Care Healthcare Technology

    Many universities and colleges offer a Bachelor of Arts degree, and the program is typically completed in three to four years. Students gain a broad education in the sciences, liberal arts or both.

    What is a BA in Medical Technology? A BA in Medical Technology prepares students for work in the paramedical field. The course of study lays the scientific and professional groundwork that helps participants provide quality patient care. This is accomplished by teaching the fundamentals of laboratory procedures and analysis. Students learn the process of studying, diagnosing and treating various diseases. The program places emphasis on disciplines such as hematology, chemistry and microbiology. Other subject matters covered include body fluids, urinalysis and immunology.

    Medical technology students receive a valuable skillset that includes effective communication, data analysis and ethical practices. The attributes are needed for making a successful transition into the job market.

    Colleges around the world offer education and training in medical technology. With that said, the cost of obtaining a BA degree varies. Contact the school of your interest to learn about the tuition and enrollment fees. There might also be grants or scholarships to apply for.

    The employment outlook for medical technology graduates is promising. As people are living longer, there’s a greater need for healthcare services and treatment of common medical conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes and cancer. Additionally, more people are acquiring medical coverage, which contributes to the growing demand for medical technologists. Graduates work in laboratories for clinics, hospitals, universities, public schools, research institutions and the military. While most medical technologists are generalists, others choose specialty areas such as genetics, toxicology or hematology. In some instances, individuals obtain certification in addition to their bachelor’s degree.

    An online education is a convenient way of advancing your education and launching a new career. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.