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236 BSc Programs in Health Care Nursing Studies 2024



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BSc Programs in Health Care Nursing Studies

A BSc is awarded to college undergraduates who complete a study program in a subject a college has determined falls under a bachelor of science as opposed to a bachelor of arts. This academic degree takes roughly 4 years to finish and is usually required prior to pursuing an advanced degree.

What is a BSc in Nursing? A bachelor of nursing is an extensive program with hands-on training that should prepare a student to begin providing care to the sick and infirm as well as reducing suffering, optimizing health and preventing injury. Students who receive a BSc in Nursing will often need to take an exam to ensure they are qualified to work in the field. For example, in the United States the exam to become a registered nurse is called the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX)-RN. Other countries have other requirements.

Nurses learn very specific skills that can be put to use directly after completing a BSc in Nursing. They are in high demand worldwide in a variety of settings. Many nurses feel a high level of personal satisfaction from being able to help others. Some people choose to continue their education to become a midlevel practitioner or physician’s assistant.

The cost of obtaining a BSc in Nursing varies greatly from program to program depending on the type and duration of the program. Some programs offer more flexibility than others with fast tracks, online learning and evening classes.

Professionals with a BSc in Nursing may work at hospitals, offices of physicians, home health care services, nursing care facilities, schools, government, substance abuse and mental health hospitals, and many more places. Many schools offer hospital-based learning to ensure students have the practical knowledge necessary.

If you would like a rewarding career helping others then nursing is a great choice with many jobs available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.