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Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University


First In The Region, Leader In Russia, Recognized In The World

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) is one of the leading medical educational establishments in Russia. More than 40 thousand doctors, pharmaceutists and other health professionals have been trained for its 83 years of existence.

The University’s activities are carried out in accordance with the requirements of state standards and international standards in quality, management, and directives of the European Association of quality assurance in higher education.

The Independent Public Council “European Quality” has listed KSMU among the Hundred Best Russian universities. Annually, KSMU proves its efficiency which reflected by the monitoring results of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Achieved high ranks in Russian and international ratings of the university such as; Round University Ranking (RUR) conducted by the European scientific and Industrial Board, International Ranking ARES, Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA), National University Ranking and others.

Since 2016 KSMU has been actively working as part of the three academic medical clusters: West-European, Stomatological, and Chemicopharmaceutical.

Today, nineteen thousand (19000) people are studying at the university: seven thousand (7000) students getting a higher education, about nine hundred (900) students - secondary professional education, more than 600 residents and postgraduates, more than ten thousand (10000) specialists of public health and higher education. Among major specialties of higher education taught in English Medium are; General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Economy, Management, Social Work and Biotechnology.

KSMU has nine (9) educational buildings/campuses furnished with modern equipment. Training in Specialties Of Higher, And Continuing Professional Education is carried out at twelve (12) University’s faculties including sixty-five (65) departments. Clinical departments located on the basis of medical establishments. Medico-Pharmaceutical College of KSMU performs realization of programmes of secondary professional education. 132 doctors and 408 Candidates of Science take part in the educational process and academic research work.

Resolving with current problems of provision of health care system by qualified staff, extermination of staff shortage and disbalance in medical organizations, giving primary health care, the university applied innovative educational technologies such as; implementation of continuous education system of health professionals and specifically on the ground of creation of interactive educational modules and specialists accreditation.

Key point is in the continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills throughout the lifetime, constant professional development and enlargement of health professionals’ qualification is given to realization of educational programmes of higher education – programmes of residency, additional programmes of professional retraining and professional development.

In KSMU training is carried out in 35 specialties of residency, 350 programmes of professional retraining and professional development. On the university’s website, there is a portal “Continuous medical education”. In 2017 and 2018 there have been trained 794 KSMU graduates who came to us for training from 20 territorial entities of the Russian Federation. All of them have successfully passed the procedure of primary specialists’ accreditation against occupational standards “General local physician” and “General pediatric physician”.

Simulation training is developing at the university. The Centre Of Accreditation, And Simulation Training equipped with 13 laboratories with complete gears of I-VI realistic level.

Academic research work, being an integral part of the university’s activity, is aimed at training the medical, scientific, teaching staff and also at conduction of fundamental and applied investigations in the main theoretical and clinical biomedical problems.

Leading scientific projects are developed based on KSMU’s experimental-biological clinics and four research institutes: research institute of genetic and molecular epidemiology, a research institute of experimental medicine, a research institute of general pathology, a research institute of physiology complete with modern equipment. The biological bank samples (blood, DNA, tissue) available from more than 10000 patients with different diseases in the fund of the research institute of genetic and molecular epidemiology.

It gives an opportunity to carry out world-class scientific research including in the context of cooperation with educational and scientific organizations of Russia and foreign countries.

KSMU regularly initiates and organizes all-Russian and international conferences on current problems of medicine, pharmacy, psychology, and realization of pedagogical technologies in medical education.

The university paid great attention to the scientific component of international cooperation: departments’ accomplishment in international scientific-research programs with educational, scientific and medical organizations of Austria, Cyprus, Poland, Moldova, Belorussia, and others.

KSMU regularly confirms the status of the university which has a high international reputation. The main fields of international cooperation are export of educational services, development of academic mobility of students and academic staff, accreditation of educational programmes of the university’s abroad, KSMU’s image perfection in the global market of educational services and so on. The university cooperates with 50 educational, scientific organizations and medical clinics.

KSMU’s educational programs are accredited in 15 foreign countries. The university is the first in Russia having opened the representative office in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur).

Today, about 2600 foreign students from 47 countries of the world are studying in KSMU. The number of foreign students exceeds 30% in the sum of the students’ population.

KSMU is a member of International Association of the Universities, Association of Russian-Chinese Medical Universities and International European Association of Stomatological Education.

Distinct foreign teachers and scientists participated in the educational activity of the university in the form of academic mobility.

In July 2016 Rector of KSMU Professor V.A. Lazarenko was awarded by The Russian Federation Presidential Decree the Order of Friendship in recognition of health development, medical science and years of conscientious work.

General Information

  • Year of Establishment: 7th of February 1935
  • Type of institution: State (Sponsored by Federal Government Budget)
  • Language of Training: Russian Medium or English Medium
  • Total student population: About 19000 Citizens, made up of local and international students, undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • International Students: 2600 international students from 47 countries
  • Recognized/Listed by: WHO, GMC, JPA, MMC & other international medical boards
  • Tuition Fee: Fixed for the entire duration of the program.
  • Duration of the study: Pre-University (Pre-Medical) course - 7 to 12 months, the Medical program - 6 years, Pharmacy and Dentistry programs - 5 years, Economy, Management, Social Work and Biotechnology - 4 years.
  • Entrance dates: September/October intake, February/March intake

Vibrant campus

KSMU located in the heart of the Kursk City, which makes all facilities for international students within walking distance. KSMU is a great place to study, make new friends, take part in sports and cultural activities/events or just relax in a diverse and welcoming environment.

Student support and services

From immigration procedures to safety matters, KSMU Administration will help to ensure your learning and living experience in Kursk is as hassle-free as possible.

Health insurance

All international students will be provided with an adequate health insurance, which is valid in Russia.


Provided to all KSMU students.

Airport Pick Up Service

One of the Administration’s staff will be at the Moscow airport to meet new students and accompany them to KSMU.

The University Representative

Trans Russian Co. the International Official Representative of KSMU since 1994.

Courses for International Students

KSMU was the first university in Russia to offer full medical degree training in English Medium. Under the English medium, KSMU has the right to train specialists on the spheres of Pre-University (Pre-medical) course, Degree in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (M.D/undergraduate) and Post-Graduate education.

Student of Ordinary Level (or any equivalent)

KSMU provides the opportunity for the students with O-Level qualifications or A-Level with low marks to proceed towards the Undergraduate program by enrolling in the Pre-University (pre-medical) course joined with UK awarding Body in PRE-U Foundation Studies. The duration of this course 7 to 12 months and will prepare you for further studies at KSMU.

The subject to be studied in the Pre-medical course English Medium:

  1. Russian Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Biology
  4. Chemistry
  5. Physics

Student of Advance Level (or any equivalents)

Applicants with A-Level education certificate may proceed to a degree in Medicine, Pharmacy or Dentistry in English Medium.

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