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Phillips Graduate University

Phillips Graduate University

Phillips Graduate University


Phillips Graduate University, based in Chatsworth, California, offers advanced education and training programs including psychology, management, and counseling. Thousands of our graduates of our Doctors of Organizational Management & Consulting and Masters in Psychology are global leaders in corporate management, school counseling, and family therapy. PGU also operates many research programs and community services, including the MFT Consortium Programs.

In the 1950s its founders, Clinton E. Phillips, Ph.D., and David Jansen, D.Min., had pioneered the application of family systems theory and the initiation of family therapy at the American Institute of Family Relations, founded by Paul Popenoe. In 1971 they founded the California Family Study Center which, in 1992, was renamed in Dr. Phillips' honor. In 2016, Phillips Graduate Institute changed its name to Phillips Graduate University. PGU’s Counseling Center has helped over 30,000 families reach a higher level of functioning and lead more productive lives.

The Phillips’ Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, now in our 49th year, has been transferred to our partner university


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