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Ponce Health Sciences University Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD)
Ponce Health Sciences University

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD)

Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Sep 2023

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The Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) in Biomedical Sciences is an integrated, interdepartmental program in the basic biomedical sciences that seeks to provide trainees with a broad-based two-year core curriculum followed by advanced courses and dissertation research leading to the PhD degree. The Program reflects the interest of the Institution to promote the formation of professionals in the biomedical sciences. Our institution is committed to developing independent, competitive and well-trained professionals with strong interpersonal communication skills who can succeed in the biomedical research field.

The degree is awarded after completing an interdisciplinary core curriculum in biomedical sciences, including histology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Pharmacology, and electives in particular topics. Students must also complete an original research project that significantly contributes to the scientific knowledge in a particular field.

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