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Indonesia as a multicultural nation is experiencing changes in response to competition in the world globalization, and Universitas Padjadjaran acknowledges that its role and contribution to every change in the local and global levels will be determined by each of the university’s activities in the society. In order to give a significant contribution to the nation and to the world, Universitas Padjadjaran sets its vision to be a world-class research university. Since established in 1957, UNPAD already has many collaborative partnerships with international universities which allow us to share knowledge and promote inter-cultural learning, ensuring that our graduates are in high demand on the global stage. All of our programs are designed in such ways so that our students can choose from different pathways in gaining international recognition, experience, and qualifications. We take pride in our proven ability to nurture students through our teaching and learning processes in preparing them for their careers. Our students have been well received by our network of partner universities; many have accomplished outstanding academic achievements. As one of the oldest and leading international undergraduate education provider, we welcome you to learn our program offerings that focus on innovation. In the process, UNPAD has continually increased its capacity building in realizing, institutionalizing, and embodying varied international dimensions of research, teaching, learning and community service activities of the university’s staffs and students. The key dimensions of internationalization of UNPAD are as follows:

  • Internationalized staffs and students of Universitas Padjadjaran
  • International research collaboration
  • Internationally focused curricula
Programs taught in:
  • English
  • Indonesian

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Universitas Padjadjaran

We offer strong focus basic concepts and principles of life sciences (anatomy, physiology, cell biology, microbiology, parasitology, pathobiology, and nutrition) to: (1) ... [+]


You can create your own Master Program of minimum 42 credits. The components of the program can be taken in order, such as Theoretical Course, Mandatory Course, Elective Course, Seminar, Mini-Project, and Thesis.

The educational method includes lecture, seminar, independent study, group discussion occasionally demonstration or hands-on experience (internship). Start of study February and September and we look for students with ambition in research and high GPA scores.


To produce Master Graduates that:

posses personal integrity, honest and science ethics. master the latest sciences and technology in biomedical sciences. able to solve the problem in biomedical sciences through research. able to lead research and perform independent research to accelerate new invention to improve quality of human life. able to communicate and deliver his/her knowledge to the scientific community. ... [-]
Indonesia Bandung
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